Colorbond & Gramline Fencing


Colorbond fencing has several minimal differences in design with different suppliers. Be sure to use a quality product such as bluescope.


The fence is smart looking on both sides and provides security and privacy. It comes in a variety of colours. As an addition to the standard height of 0.8 mtrs an attractive lattice can be added to bring the overall height to 2.1 mtrs.


Gramline fencing is similar in appearance to Colorbond. The difference is it is constructed of prepainted hi-tensile steel. The two designs are the standard old style and the sawtooth which is the same both sides. It also comes with 300mm lattice which differs as it has a three dimensional appearance.


Gramline has an added advantage as it has a Plinth which sits in the channel of the post to create a weed wall or retaining wall. It also can be used on slopes to hide the gap underneath the fence. The plinth comes in multiple sections that can be joined to a height of approximately 600mm. It is not recommended to retain at this height.


The advantage of these fences are that they are low maintenance. Posts, rails and infills can be different colours to create another effect.


Gates can be made to order at what ever size.