Timber Fencing

Pinelap fencing comes in sizes from .9mtr to 2.4mtrs. It has been treated against white ants and as aprotection against rotting. The rails and palings are treated to H3 and the posts to H4. It has a colorbond capping of either wheat or mist green. For added protection and appearance pinelap can be painted or stained with linseed oil.

Pinelap is hard wearing and provides a barrier that is solid.

Colonial picket comes in sizes from .9mtr to 1.8mtrs. It is treated pine and is dry and dressed ready for painting. There are many decorative type pickets and there are numerous designs involving your own input. We can help you by showing different examples and providing input also. We also construct arbor entrances to your property or garden area.

Closed jarrah picket is the old style which first was used in Perth. It usually a boundary fence where the pickets are nailed next to each other. As it is a green timber it will shrink leaving small gaps. Used mostly in older suburbs.

Balustrade is used as a barrier but is decorative and usually has gaps to see easily through. Mostly designed with dressed pine but other dressed timbers can be used.

Horizontal slats are a modern look and can be stained to different colours. Can be used between piers or as a feature in the garden.

Lattice can be square or diagonal or even slatted. Best when framed for sturdiness.

Single or double gates can be made with any of these materials. Recommendations can be made which best suit for either steel or timber frame.